• Sleep

Chances are you’ve probably not slept particularly well over the past few weeks, whether that’s because you’ve been stressing out about your exams or you’ve been spending far too many late nights creating revision notes. Now your exams are over go home, curl up in your favourite blanket and have the best nap ever.

  • Have a celebratory meal/drinks

Most students like to go out for celebratory drinks after finishing exams, but it’s unlikely that all of your friends will have finished their exams at the same time as you. If this is the case, it might be best to stick to a celebratory meal out, or even a night in with a takeaway until everyone has finished. Either way, splash a bit of cash, treat yourself and relax.

  • Pack away/throw away revision notes

Professional exam notes writers would urge you to consider the former option. You don’t want to be hasty and end up throwing away material that might come in handy a bit later on. However, if you have barely legible scribbles and tonnes of screwed up paper cluttering your room; it’s time to clear it all away. Throw out what you don’t need any more and try not to dwell on the fact that you got ‘15’ for the last question when your friend answered ‘photosynthesis’.

  • Clean your room

Leading on from the last one, once you’ve packed away all your revision why not have a tidy up of the rest of your room too? Chuck away old food wrappers and take those dirty plates and cups down to the kitchen. You know what they say: tidy room, tidy mind!

  • Catch up with friends and family

You’ve probably been a bit of a hermit over the past few weeks, burying yourself in your room and spending late nights revising. It’s worth having a bit of a catch up so that your mum doesn’t start to worry about you, and your friends don’t think you’ve forgotten about them. So make a few phone calls and scroll through your notifications.

  • Read a book

Unless you used an exam notes writing service, it’s likely you’ve just spent weeks reading through the same material over and over again, so the thought of picking up a book might seem like a bit of an odd thing to do after you finish your exams. However you might find that getting lost in a good book actually relaxes your mind, and reduces any lingering stress that you may be feeling.

  • Relax without feeling guilty

This is a bit of an alien concept at university. Can you ever truly relax without feeling like you’ve forgotten to do something? You know for certain that you don’t have to write revision notes anymore so as long as you don’t have any other urgent work to do, relax! Lounge about on the sofa, watch some Netflix and enjoy your freedom.

  • Return text books to the library

Here’s no point in hanging on to a stack of books that you no longer need. It’ll be good to clear out your room a bit, and also might come in handy for other students who haven’t quite finished yet. Be a Good Samaritan!

  • Retail therapy

You can’t deny that going shopping is satisfying. Even if you end up buying things you don’t need, it feels good. So if you’ve come out of your final exam feeling a bit deflated, take a trip to town with some friends and loosen the purse strings. Spend wisely though – you don’t want to spend the last of your student loan and end up stressing about money. Even if you don’t buy anything, window shopping is fun! Make a list of things you can afford to treat yourself to when you receive your next student loan instalment.

  • Exercise

This might not be such an obvious one. Most students don’t want to exercise at the best of times, let alone when they’ve just finished an exam. But as we’ve already established, during the exam period you will have been more confined than usual – whether in your room revising or in the library catching up on some reading. No exercise coupled with poor eating habits means you’re probably not feeling your best. Revision notes writing services advise to get down the gym; start that new class you’ve been thinking about taking or simply go on a long walk to clear your head.