There are some simple yet effective steps available to Create an email course, which will help in growing your email list like nothing else. For the first step, you have to choose the topic you are planning to work with. You can determine the free email topic. But for that, you have to put yourself on your customers’ shoes and think about their requirements. On the other hand, you might create email course, which is solely applicable to people who will actually buy your service or product.For choosing the email course topic, you can utilize lesson from paid course or condense paid course already created.

Next steps to follow:

After choosing the topic, it is important to outline the email course. The best way to work on that is by listing out various pieces that you want to cover in email course. That total number is going to be the length of the email course. For the next step, it is time to start planning for the content creation timeline. In case you are planning to generate new subscribers, then you have to get started a month and a half before. This process might take some time but it is worth it.

Some of the last steps:

For the last few steps, you have to be very careful. You need to name the email course. This might be a fast step forward but it is all worth it. Rhyme, alliteration, onomatopoeia and morphemes are some of the ways to create a good name. After you are done with that, get to choose email marketing platform and outline each one of your email. Next, create email subjects and content. After that, make sure to create the landing page of your email course. Now, you are all set to put the course content into email marketing platform.