There’s a million ways in which dancing can bring someone happiness and good health. You’ll never meet a passionate dancer that did not radiate energy, positivity and health. Besides being one of the best outlets for both stress and creativity, dancing does more than just burn calories. Studies at Stanford have proven that out of the many sports they observed, dancing was the only one that visibly provided protection against Alzheimer’s and increased cognitive acuity at any age!

What can crowdfunding do for a dancer?

Crowdfunding has helped millions of individuals and organizations armed with any cause under the sky, some determination and a dire need for help with funding. Online crowdfunding platforms around the world like Impact Guru have seen dance crews, choreographers and academies crowdfunding to rebuild studios and attend championships and events around the world. Impact Guru, a global platform based in India, has also seen a college dance crew raise the funds they need to represent the country at an international level dance championship.

Indian platforms have also seen nonprofit organizations practise social crowdfunding to offer free dance classes to youth from underprivileged communities. Such children can otherwise only dream of the luxury of access to a creative outlet to escape from their tough lives. They are seen to have happier and healthier childhoods when they do find one, such as dance.

Crowdfunding through dance for important social causes

Dancing can also be a popular way to promote a social cause – and crowdfunding can make it a reality! Dance events have been a popular fundraising method in the west for the longest time. Tickets to a dance night or a workshop have successfully raised large amounts for organizations that work for causes like LGBT, AIDS, cancer and so on. Many volunteers for social causes have reported that crowdfunding has helped raise over TWICE as much as traditional offline fundraising events as the platform gives a donor the chance to contribute as much as he sees fit and receive his ticket to the event as a reward.

Tips to get you started with your dance-related fundraiser

  1. Most campaigners are individuals. The advantage you have is a whole crew of energetic and driven dancers – use it to the fullest. For example, make it a rule that each dancer must find at least 10 donors or must get $1000 contributed to the campaign.
  2. Show your audience what you can do. Shoot and post some great videos of your troupe performing on your fundraiser page. Don’t stop there. As your fundraiser progresses, post videos to update your backers of your progress as well. You’ll have to work hard to get people to trust your talent and discipline.

Happy crowdfunding and never stop dancing!