Most people initially did not like the whole language lab idea. They believe these labs were outdated and not as good as having a face to face instruction session. But after exploring these labs and learning about how it works, the effectiveness and versatility of these labs have been realized, and most especially it enables students learn in a comfortable environment. If you have not been making effective use of your English laboratory, this article is written to give you tips on how to effectively use them.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Modern Languages Lab, And How Does It Aids Learning Process?

Most people automatically think of a room filled with expired and outdated technology, each time they hear about language laboratories. This perception should be debunked, reasons being that, recently language labs are not those stockpiles of CD players, cassette tapes, and microphone that most people experienced way back. These days language labs have improved, they are computer rooms empowered by a state of art software made to give students a customizable and unique learning experience. Below are some ways you can use language labs to aid learning process:

  • Each student individual need is met by adjusting the learning content.
  • Self conscious and shy students can privately practice their English.
  • It efficiently tests students listening and speaking skills

Effective Ways to Use English Language Laboratories

The following are ways in which an English language laboratory can be use effectively:

  • Find the Best Language Lab Software

This is an opportunity to develop numerous creative ways in teaching your students while teaching lessons in an English language lab. Since the computer is easily accessible by everyone in the class, you can easily introduce different software and websites. You can visit the website to get the best software for your English language lab.

  • Guided Study Sessions Should Be Conducted

Your time in the ESL language lab can be utilize to carry out guided study sessions. You can give your class specific areas or problems to solve and access their performance instead of allowing them study whatever they want. Guided study sessions do not work effectively in a traditional classroom setting as it does in a language lab. This is because with language lab the instructor can exercise some control over the course content, and also empowering students to carry out research and make use of different internet resources.

  • Make Use of Recording Technology

Students’ speaking and pronunciation skills can be best improved when they hear how they speak the English language. Unlike the traditional classroom setting, an English lab can have students record and individually listen to their speech giving them the opportunity to correct their own mistakes. As an instructor, you also have access to all the recordings to enable you to guide their learning. Record your students while speaking naturally or reading scripts and then give a report on their pronunciation and performance in general.