In today’s age of digital world, startups have become commonplace. Working for them involves risks but at the same time the experience of working with them is unlike any other. Working with a startup will allow you to learn new skills and valuable experience which will be worth adding to your resume for future use.

There are drawbacks to any new job, and same is the case with a start up. But, more often than not, these are short term risks. The pay might not be that great early on and the benefits might be limited. Also, there might not be a great work life balance. There might be chances that a major project be circumvented by an unanticipated change.

However, there is one thing that start ups are good at and that is a great learning environment. Some people can thrive in it and be prepared for many challenges in the future. Since, a lot rides on the success of a start up, work load can be especially significant. However, the high stress environment can also result in a great deal of creativity, reward and innovation. It is often stated that those who work in a start up are talented people because they believe in building something of value. Other people want to work for a better pay, or benefits, but people who work in  start up believe in taking the risk to build something of value, which is inspiring.

Thus, joining a start up is different from joining a well-established firm as you get to be more creative and the entrepreneurial spirit runs high. Start ups require a certain level of dedication from their employees and there are definitely rules there. Start ups, therefore, are filled with go-getters and people are more willing to work on a project sitting on their desk for extended hours because they are simply passionate about it.

Many start ups tend to counterbalance the low compensation with other benefits such as work from home, flexible leave policy, free lunches, monthly parties, etc. So, if you are ready to work in small teams, get lower compensation and work with a set of individuals working towards a single goal, then start ups are the best choice for you. Browse through a lot of jobs in Mumbai or Bangalore that are related with start ups and you wouldn’t be disappointed.